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Graduates from specialized MBA programs may become full-time project management professionals in a variety of industries, while other managers incorporate project management responsibilities in their job description. Earning a master’s degree in project management is therefore a skillful career move for both people starting out in their business careers and for mid-career professionals. Formal training is becoming the preferred avenue for career entry as the profession develops; therefore, graduate certificate and degree programs are becoming more prevalent as interest in this career grows.

Career Options

Project managers work primarily in information science, construction and engineering. They conceptualize, plan, implement and complete projects and complex endeavors in these fields and oversee projects from goal definition and development through completion. At each stage of a project, they gather input from and provide updates to upper management and clients. Project managers are a constant presence for team members, providing support, motivation and direction to complete projects under budget and on time. Communication skills are central to success in managing teams, as well as the ability to make accurate cost and risk assessments.