Masters of Science in Business Administration

Course Objectives
The issue of productivity has become an integral issue for firms and governments over the years. This concern has been necessitated due to the positive spillover effect productivity has on economic and social development as well as its significance in raising incomes and ensuring enterprise competitiveness. Available research has shown that productivity is the engine of sustained long-run economic growth. It is evident that the most productive firms and government policies that are productivity-oriented are geared towards the enhancement of working conditions, principles of market economy as well as human-oriented management styles in a harmonious industrial environment.

Productivity is a multifaceted concept which involves the improved efficiency and effectiveness of an activity. The concept is essentially associated with the task of “doing more with the same or fewer quantum of available resources.

Our Master of Science in Degrees are in accordance with the internationally acknowledged standards, which constitute postgraduate Higher Education in the provision of MSc Degrees. Within the ECTS standards, directed by the European Bologna process, each module in our MSc programmes gain 7.5 credits. The overall achievement, including the dissertation (30 credits), awards 90 ECTS credits meeting the requirements of Masters’ Degrees. The elaboration of the Degrees is considered as well balanced, insightful and academically valid adopting the highest standards of French and international Higher Education. This process intends to make the MSc courses Degrees of outstanding excellence in all fields and to meet employers’ expectations. Greatest care guided the selection of all modules and their content to make them contemporary and to provide the right balance between managerial roles in the diverse organisational functions and the corporate and the wider social responsibilities, which acting managers and employees have to fulfil for sustainable management.

The Master of Science (MSc) in International Trade and Law is the result of the collaboration of IPE Management School Paris and the International Trade & Law Institute (ITLI) in Pusan, South Korea, which is attached to South Korea’s globally famous Pusan University.

The MSc in International Trade & Law fulfils all requirements of Master’s Degrees by content, ECTS Credits, and duration. The course respects students’ work commitments and therefore is fully flexible. It can be studied online and part-time (Monthly weekend delivery of modules).

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