Master of Business Administration

The emergence of the Asian and Middle East continents as the fastest economic growth areas over the past two decades and their expected continual growth and development in the 21st century requires an accompanying increase in the supply of competent business managers and leaders to manage and lead organizations. The above development has led to an increasing demand for management education and development programmes with certification either from universities or professional bodies.

The Aims of the MBA Programme
This MBA programme is delivered through the following modes of delivery to cater for the different needs of potential students:

  • Fully taught face to face classes
  • Blended Learning which combines face to face classes with online learning
  • Fully Online Learning

The programme aims to:

  • Enable the advanced study of organisations, their management, and the changing external context in which they operate.
  • Equip individuals for and/or development of a career in business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level to assume senior managerial and leadership positions in business.
  • Development of the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management leadership and practice.
  • Enhancement of lifelong learning and personal development so as to be able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The overall programme aims and learning outcomes are derived using both the UK QAA Subject Benchmarking for Postgraduate Business Management (2007) as well as the Bologna Process and European Higher Education Area Qualification Framework (EHEA, 2005). On successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of management theories, current issues of management, the development of conceptual frameworks to guide their application within
  • Acquire a strong foundation in key functional areas of business management to enable them to succeed as effective managers/leaders in an increasingly complex and dynamic
  • Acquire and use a range of concepts, tools and techniques for problem solving and decision-making for analysing complex and inter-related business scenarios.
  • Demonstrate and apply independent research and critical skills enabling the investigation and evaluation of valid and relevant management issues and practices.
  • Demonstrate initiative, insight, attitudes of responsibility and ethical leadership in the development of the strategic management agenda in the organization the participant works in or expected to work in the future.


 An applicant may be admitted on the basis of evidence to suggest that he/she will be able to fulfill and benefit from the objectives of the programme and achieve the standard required for the award. A number of criteria are used in considering admissions to the programme including candidates’ language proficiency, working experience, academic and professional qualifications.
Summary of Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree qualification in any subject from a recognised institution.
  • A professional qualification equivalent to a degree and a minimum of two years of working experience.
  • Mature and high potential candidates without degree or equivalent qualifications but hold Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas with more than six years of work experience of which at least two years are at supervisory – managerial level.
  • Mature and high potential candidates without Diploma qualifications but with more than 8 years of work experience of which at least 3 years are at supervisory – managerial levels.
  • Demonstrate English Language proficiency in order to participate in the programme taught in English.