IPE Management School Paris has a special package for corporate organizations called the CORPORATE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.This special programme has been introduced because IPE recognizes that, organizations today need their senior and executive managers to be problem solvers.

Organisations also need to have managers who have skills that can improve efficiency and productivity.  These skills can only be attained through exposure to many different ideas and actions.

How can this be achieved?

Organizations need to;

  • Get managers to open their minds and to be prepared to discard their set ideas and accept new ones.
  • Get managers to see the underlying reasons how successful managers behave and make decisions
  • Get managers to also understand the underlying reasons for failures
  • Get managers to gain confidence in their abilities and improve their communication skills

IPE Management School, Paris has therefore designed a Corporate MBA as a very specifically targeted MBA for senior managers and Executives. This MBA requires all participants to have significant work experience from different backgrounds and industries including the public sector.  It is also focused on enhancing management expertise in analytical thinking and problem solving skills of the managers and executives.

Approach and Methodology

This MBA is NOT about learning theory or going to classes to be lectured on some academic issues. It requires all participants to be actively involved in discussing case studies, making contributions, learning from others, absorbing new approaches and forming new ideas so that they can be transferred into their own separate working environment.  Case Studies are not work of fiction but are situations that merit closer examination to learn from.

Participants will be required to spend an intensive weekend (16 hours) discussing and working collectively on a minimum of 3 cases closely related to the subject matter of the MBA. This will be held once a month.  These sessions will be managed by our Faculty who will fly out from the UK, France or USA. Our faculty members are very successful practitioners and academics and will require active participation by all to derive the maximum benefit.


At the end of the intensive weekendsession’s participants will be given a case study to work on their own or with others.A formal open book examination will be held and managers will be given questions related to the case for them to answer.

Your assessment will NOT be based on right or wrong answers (as there is no such thing in management) but on your ability to identify problems through analysis and recommend fully justified solutions.  This will be a 3-hour examination. All scripts will be marked in the UK or in France and the West African Examination Council will supervise the examinations.

To achieve the MBA, you will be required to complete 8 subjects over the course of a year and a dissertation.

Subjects are:

  • Strategic Management,
  • Organisational Behaviour,
  • International Business,
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Operations Management,
  • Corporate Finance,
  • Organisational Change,
  • Strategic Marketing

There are no option subjects as this Corporate MBA is specifically focused on Strategic Management

Benefits of the Corporate MBA

After the programme, participants will earn an internationally recognized MBA from a French Grand Ecole.  The learning environment that IPE Management School, Paris provides will be challenging, thought provoking and will form the foundation for improving and enhancing your managerial and decision-making capabilities.

The subjects in the MBA will provide participants with a broad understanding of all the important functions of an organization today that operates within a globalized and dynamic environment.  The corporate MBA operate a flexible entry system to the extent that managers with significant work experience but without a first degree or recognised professional qualification may be considered.

At the end of the course all successful students will be transformed into effective and competent managers capable of transforming their organizations to achieve its goals and objectives.