Accounting, or the recording, management and analysis of financial records, is an integral feature of virtually every sector of modern enterprise.


Accounting is the language of business. In this accounting specialization, you will learn the critical accounting terms used and how they are communicated in the business world. You will explore accounting processes, including finance, financial management, cost accounting, taxation, computer accounting and auditing.

In your final course, you will complete a written research project demonstrating your ability to conduct an investigation on a workplace problem, identify an area for intervention, and critique, justify and recommend a plan of preventative action. Overall, this specialization is designed to prepare you for entry level accounting positions in profit, not-for-profit and governmental environments, with potential careers in bookkeeping, staff accounting or accounts receivables.


  1. Students will investigate the accounting techniques and results in financial accounting and reporting. They will be introduced to the generally accepted accounting principles for financial reporting.
  2. This course will investigate the accounting tools, techniques and practices used in managerial and cost accounting.
  3. Students will review and expand on issues associate with traditional product-costing methods and recognize the need for changing existing management accounting systems to calculate more accurate product costs and better cost information.